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NLP Training, Short Courses & Group Coaching, designed for aspiring Trainers /Coaches, Organizations and YOU! 

 If you are looking for a Personal and/or Professional Change, then look no further!

Our Short Courses and Coaching Programs are designed to achieve Results... Fast as they are non-formulaic and focus on what needs to be done, rather than based on assumptions. Immediate Change Is Guaranteed!

Once you train with us, you will question what you believe is true, and you will have the skills to THINK FOR YOURSELF!

Short Courses

Sales/Negotiation, Leadership, 
Persuasion/Influence, Business Writing Skills, Customer Service, Creativity, Training Needs, Public Speaking /Confidence, Speech Writing, Time Management


NLP Training

NLP Practitioner, NLP Business Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Business Master Practitioner, NLP Coach Training, NLP Hypnosis, NLP Trainer's Training


Coach Training

NLP Coach Training details are here...



Career, Grief, Relationship, Marriage, Divorce, Confusion, Weight Loss, Addiction, Violence, Phobias, Anxiety, Depression, Goals etc.

Special Group Coaching Events


mindXcel provides unique Short Courses, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Workshops & Coaching Programs
across the globe.



'This Training is mind-blowing.'
C. Camilleri, Successlodge, Malta