The NLP Coach Training is a comprehensive program and 23 days + 1 day in lengths. It's full-time, spread over a number of weekends, and certainly challenging!

Upon completion, you will receive 3 x Certificates by the Society of NLP.

During the program you will go through Fundamental Changes yourself, so that you will know HOW 'change' operates.  Yes, YOU Have To Go First!

In order to become not only qualified, but also a great coach, you will have plenty of time to practice your skills during the training, so that you fully understand what it takes to be a competent NLP Coach.

You will walk away with a new zest for life, a new perspective on life, and the ability to Help Others In Discovering Themselves & Achieving Their Dreams!

Your Benefits

  • Help your client discover what he/she wants

  • Support your client to discover themselves

  • Move your client in the direction they want to go

  • Discover in-congruities and how to work with these

  • Discover their structure of language

  • Build deep rapport with any kind of client

  • Help your client overcome seemingly difficult problems

  • Use NLP techniques to support their change

  • Ask the questions that will reveal the unconscious motivation of your client’s behaviour

  • Know how to get commitments for change from your client

  • Elicit what you need to know and calibrate

  • Know how to use hypnosis


Who Benefits?

Aspiring and existing Life Coaches, Executive Coaches, Consultants, Hypnotherapists, Managers, and anyone who wants to facilitate change for others!

 Be One Of The Best Coaches
On The Planet Today!

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