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NLP Business Master Practitioner

The mindXcel NLP Business Master Practitioner is a 12 Day Program, designed to take your business skills to the next level.

This course implements project work and plenty of practical exercises to Take You Further Into The Realm Of NLP And Your Business Mind.

The course will build upon the NLP Practitioner / NLP Business Practitioner training to further refine your use of the tools of NLP to help you explore the logical structures of the meta and milton model.

You will Refine Your Skills in working with Intricate Organisational Patterns to consider new processes.

Your new know-how will affect the way you think, speak, and also sell, negotiate, lead/manage, conduct your business, and assess your current processes, in order to consider new ideas.

Who Benefits?

This NLP Business Master Practitioner Program is for qualified NLP Practitioners/Business Practitioners, and it is the Crème De La Crème Program for Leaders/Managers.

Areas covered: Public Speaking, Team Building, Problem Solving, Negotiating, Change Management, Mediation, Strategy, Leadership, Training, Sales, Persuasion, Presentations, Time Management, and more...


The Question Is...