'It is the mark of an educated mind
to be able to entertain a thought
without accepting it.'




NLP Business Practitioner

NLP has had a profound impact on the field of personal and business development since it was first developed more than 40 years ago. It is, in effect, a methodology that has become the model of model-makers, and now, more than 40 years since its inception, it has become the Methodology Of Choice for many fortune 100 companies.

This Business Practitioner offers an intensive, challenging, fun, fast and innovative approach to the standard models used for corporate training.

This 8 Day NLP Business Practitioner Program is a fully certified training and will give you the skills/tools with focus on applying the NLP Methodology To business. This means that you will gain extensive skills and tools that goes beyond the usual practitioner syllabus.

The program will sharpen your cognitive abilities, encouraging you to think more clearly, creatively and strategically.

You will gain a far reaching toolkit, which will give you alternatives for problem solving, managing and leading. You will know how to listen to people with 'different ears', and discover how to understand what they are saying.

You will discover how to elegantly change someone's thinking - Improving Results And Motivation.

'Your Leadership, Change Management and Executive Development
in ONE Program!'

This NLP Business Practitioner Training will give you an exclusive tool set which will result in better outcomes in your work and personal life.

The Basic Assumptions of The Model: You will learn the assumptions and attitudes elicited from some of the most successful change agents in the world.

Well formed Directions in Business and Life: You will know how to align your values and integrate your goals for more relaxation and happiness.

Understanding Language and Behavior: You will learn key distinctions in your language and behavior that will affect your performance in life and business.

Representational Systems: You will learn how to identify and align with the preferred channels of representation of your colleagues so that your levels of persuasion and influence can cater to their modus operandus!

Anchoring: Find out how to make yourself and others radiate with confidence before important events and discover how to anchor your audience for greater influence.

Problem Solving: You will be challenged to solve many of your problems in the most unconventional and different ways. You will never approach problems as you did before!

Business Coaching: Learn how to use the tools and applications to help you get the best out of yourself and those that you work with.

Rapport: You will know when rapport is important and how to build it in business.

Meta-Model: Discover the questions designed to reveal the deeper meaning of what and how a person is thinking.

Meta-Programs: Understand the deeper patterns that determine your customers levels of motivation, their ability to make decisions, and the processes that they use. Learn how to tailor your strategy to match theirs.

Milton Model: Promote your credibility and learn how to use the linguistic principles of persuasion and influence to get your message across.

Strategies of Excellence: Attend this course and you will be able to unveil the specific ingredients that you and others can use to make better decisions, feel motivated and create powerful feelings, which are easy to replicate.

Who Benefits?

People in business, who want to learn NLP to use the skills/tools with focus on work will benefit from this NLP Business Practitioner Training.

Areas covered: Public Speaking, Team Building, Problem Solving, Negotiating, Change Management, Leadership, Training, Sales, Persuasion, Presentations, Time Management, and more...