NLP Practitioner Training

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) was born out of a simple yet profound question "What makes the difference between someone who is competent at a skill and someone who is excellent?"

It involves the study of patterns, which are created by the interaction of the brain, language and the physical body. NLP includes linguistic models that expose the hidden patterns within verbal and non-verbal communication and how to respond with purpose and persuasiveness.

The methodology of NLP can be used in almost every area of human action and behavior, and is still 
The Most Powerful Methodology For Change.

Upon completion upon the eight day Certified NLP Practitioner Training,
you will have the Skills, Attitude and Perspective that makes NLP effective!

Your Benefits

When you join the certified NLP Practitioner Training, the benefits are many. Below, merely some:

  • Make better decisions
  • Know what you want
  • Access your unconscious learning ability
  • Learn flexibility in your thinking
  • Resolve internal conflict
  • Turn problems into opportunities
  • Build rapport with anyone
  • Discover your true potential
  • Learn the Phobia Cure and other NLP Techniques
  • Access instant confidence and other required states
  • Learn the basic tools and skills of NLP and discover how to use them to improve your personal and/or business life
  • Recognize the thinking patterns, including beliefs, which lie behind what a person says



  • Clarify your thinking and discover the thinking style of others

  • Recognize attempts by others to affect your thinking and behaving
  • Discover how to control your conversations with clients by using their subconscious thinking style
  • Apply NLP techniques to break through barriers to success and remove unwanted thinking patterns
  • Learn how to deliver constructive, meaningful feedback
  • Learn different language styles, how they affect the brain and how you can use them
  • This course is a comprehensive approach for gaining the competence and the confidence to work with the full range of NLP Practitioner tools and skills to achieve immediate and measurable results
  • Experience the extraordinary effectiveness of using communication to change the direction of someone’s thinking and behaviour

Who Benefits?

Any person, wanting to improve their behavioral and 'thinking' skills benefits from joining a certified NLP Practitioner Training. Aspiring and existing Motivational Speakers, Change Agents, Personal Development Gurus, Human Resources Managers, Life Coaches and Trainers, Health Professionals, Managers, Sales Consultants, General Managers Take Advantage To Get The Advantage!

Once you have completed this training, you automatically qualify to complete the NLP Master Practitioner/ NLP Business Master Practitioner Training. 

The NLP Practitioner Training Is Also The First Module Towards The NLP Coach Qualification!

"The NLP workshop was a very rich experienced for me. The mind is now bursting with new awareness, within and outside. For the next few weeks, focus will be to practice the methods and then prepare for the next level. Thank you Evina for those sparkling training moments, and I can’t wait to participate in the Business Master Practitioner soon."

- Satish K. ENOC, UAE

"Evina has conducted NLP Training for us, in Malta, on several occasions. She is a fantastic Trainer. Very bright and skilled without the hype. All of us are now using NLP in our daily lives. NLP is great for those who are interested to explore unique ways of self growth. Keep up the great work!" 

- Claude C., M.D. Pop My Gallery, Malta

"Most amazing Training we completed. My staff and I are more than happy with the results.
The best Trainer I have personally had." - P. Frost., Bls, Australia