Short Courses & Group Coaching Programs

Certified NLP Practitioner Training
Licensed by the Society of NLP; Dr. Richard Bandler
1st Module towards the NLP Coach Qualification


Fri. 9th, Sat. 10th, Sun. 11th, Mon. 12th
Sat. 17th, Sun. 18th
Sat. 24th, Sun. 25th
October, 2015

You would want to be selective
in choosing a coach to re-model YOUR brain!

The NLP Practitioner Training is a 8 Day fully certified Program in which you are taught and trained in the Fundamental Elements & Skills of Neuro-linguistic Programming.

The course will enable you to become a Licensed Practitioner of NLP, able to Change Your Reality, Change Your Life For The Better, and help others to do the same.

You will be amazed at how quickly and enjoyably change can be!

Upon Completion of the 8 days you will have the skills, attitude and perspective that makes NLP effective!

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"The NLP workshop was a very rich experienced for me.
The mind is now bursting with new awareness, within and outside.
For the next few weeks, focus will be to practice the methods and then prepare for the next level. Thank you Evina for those sparkling training moments, and I can’t wait to participate in the Business Master Practitioner soon." - Satish K. ENOC

"Evina has conducted NLP Training for us, in Malta, on several occasions. She is a fantastic Trainer. Very bright and skilled without the hype. All of us are now using NLP in our daily lives. NLP is great for those who are interested to explore unique ways of self growth. Keep up the great work!"

- Claude C., M.D. Pop My Gallery, Malta

There are so many benefits from joining this Program. In simple terms; you will change the way you think and communicate, as you will know how these things affect your behavior!

What can be more powerful than being better at being Human?

Psychologists, Counsellors, aspiring Trainers and Coaches join this Program.
Many are now working as Trainers, Coaches, Hypnotists and Motivational Speakers, or apply the methodology to their work.


Find Out What They Know!

"Learn NLP
...the way it's meant to be!

You will be amazed! Get ready to Xcel!