Short Courses & Group Coaching Programs

'The source of
learning is Experience.

Experiential learning
is what You'll Get!


Our Short Courses cover the realm of Personal & Interpersonal Skills as most things in life and business ARE Personal & Interpersonal! 
Knowing what we want and how we want it, feeling confident about our ability to achieve as well as building and maintaining relationships with family, friends and colleagues, for example, are important for our life and any business we conduct.

All short courses can vary between 1/2 day and 10 days, and are designed to give your staff the opportunity to Learn In The Most Effective Way Possible.
Instead of talking about it; They Will Experience It!

We know that no two people, companies and groups are ever the same, so we ensure that your group will experience something that will cater to their individual need.

They will learn via Unconscious Installations to achieve Real Changes...Fast!

Simply make a booking for a Complimentary Training/Coaching Needs Coaching Session, and let's find out how You Can Benefit!