What is NLP?


One of the most common questions we hear is What Is NLP? Many people tend to have an idea as to what it is, but few know what it really is!

So, what is NLP?

The acronym 'NLP' stands for Neuro-linguistic Programming, and relates to the interaction of the brain, neurology and physiology.
NLP is a simple and practical methodology based on the assumption that all behavior has a structure, and that this structure can be identified, learned and changed.
With that; any behavior, (behavior including 'thinking') has a structure. There will be a trigger for starting a behavior, a thought, and then there will be process/sequence of that behavior/thought, which will lead to some kind of a result. 

Now, by 'using' NLP, we are able to Identify HOW We Do The Behavior, which means we are becoming aware of how we think and how we create behavior. So, Awareness is the first step!

The NLP tools/skills you will learn during our Short Courses and fully certified NLP Training Programs, allow you to then change the behavior to the behavior you want.

As you can imagine; knowing what you do inside your head, and knowing how to improve it, gives you KnowledgePersonal Power as well as Freedom. Freedom to do what you want to do with your brain; Thinking For Yourself and Making Your Own Decisions, rather than others doing the thinking and deciding for you.

Although the skills/tools of NLP are useful in any situation that requires you to interact with others, they can be just as effective on the internal structure of organizations to Achieve Outcomes, and offer a powerful tool-kit for Executive Coaching and Change Interventions.


  • How to use language with purpose

  • How to direct your brain to achieve your goals

  • How to improve communication with yourself and others

  • How to persuade and influence

  • How to manage your time effectively

  • How to improve relationships

  • How to uncover your current behavioral processes

  • How to understand others' motivation

  • How to identify and change your behavioral strategies

  • How to overcome the limitations that are holding you back

  • How to think differently

  • How to overcome problems

  • How to motivate yourself

  • How to ask 'better' questions
  • How to be creative

  • How to think differently about yourself and/or your business

  • and so much more...

You and/or your organization will change....and Change Will Affect Many Areas Of Your Life And/Or Your Organization!



NLP is used by people worldwide, as it caters to anyone who wants to be more effective in their personal and/or business life. With that, NLP Training Programs are attended by Doctors, CEOs, Managers, Sales and Marketing Professionals, Negotiators, Lawyers, Strategic Thinkers, Psychologists/Therapists, Hypnotists, Magicians/ Illusionists, Customer Service Professionals, Politicians, Teachers, Coaches, Trainers, Consultants, as well as Mums and Dads, who want to improve their relationship with each other and/or their children.

The list is long, and Results Are Achieved In A Short Period Of Time.


Absolutely! You will have the skills and tools to be more effective in all areas, including your work.

Just think about it... The way you communicate with yourself and others, verbally, non-verbally and on paper.
The way you ask questions, make decisions, manage your time, solve problems, set priorities, interview others,
make presentations, delegate, sell your idea/product/service....
all these things will be easier, if not

Easy For You To Do!

The more you practice the skills, the more effective you will be! The Choice Is Yours!

By the way; if you have attended a Training within your company, then you can be assured that many of the Trainers will have had some NLP Training, or are NLP Practitioners/Master Practitioners, at least. All Fundamental Change Skills find their basis in NLP! The same applies to Motivational Speakers and Coaches!


If you join a, what we call 'Application Of NLP', such as a Sales, or Customer Service Training, for example, then these programs are certified by mindXcel.

What about Timeline and Hypnosis? These are also applications of NLP, and you will learn this when you attend a fully certified NLP Training.


All you need is a Brain And The Desire To Be The Best You Can Be!!!

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