Dating Advice

The 1 Day Program was designed to help you discover techniques and strategies on HOW to find a date/love and keep it!

NOTE: There are 2 Programs; One for those LOOKING for a date/relationship (A) and one for IMPROVING  an existing date/relationship (B)

During Coaching Program ‘LOOKING FOR A DATE’ (A) you will learn:

Build rapport with the opposite sex fast
The Body Language of Attraction
Destroy social fear and especially approach anxiety
Learn to engage & attract
Develop rock solid confidence in any situation
Become a fantastic conversationalist
Discover the best methods to succeed on your dates
Become truly charismatic & magnetic
Learn where to find your ‘type’

During Coaching Program IMPROVING YOUR RELATIONSHIP  (B) you will learn:

Find out what you want
Discover what the real problem is
What are you conveying?
Improve your communication within the relationship
Change your mindset to change your relationship
Overcome hurdles step by step
Discover YOUR best strategy to your relationship work
Create a deep emotional connection with your partner
Is it time to part?

Experience a CHANGE and see, in front of your own eyes, what is POSSIBLE!


‘I absolutely loved the experience. I learned new things and had a great time! Thanks, guys! – Jody

‘My relationship has definitely improved. I wished my boyfriend had come along too ? .’ – Maria

Limited availability!

Payments can be made via PayPal, in person or by check (until the 1st of June for any of the Programs, so hurry!)