Group Coaching For Relationships

Group coaching for relationships is for people experiencing challenging intimate relationships and wanting to do something about it.

Any individual/couple will benefit from this special coaching day.

The complex theory of love will be broken down in the best way that you will understand. Therefore it is one of the opportunities that married, as well as singles, should take to make a difference in their personal relationships.

Being a true group coaching day, there will be lots of exploring and uncovering of underlying issues that will surprise you.

Come and learn how to relate & communicate during this group coaching for relationships and Xcel your relationship!

If you prefer a private session, contact us for an individual coaching session.

‘Fantastic Training and by far the best course I have done lately. I happily recommend this training to anyone!’ - Patricia T.


What We can do for you!

And we are so confident that you will benefit from our services, that we offer a Money Back Guarantee!

Corporate Training

Our Corporate Training Workshops are designed to give your staff the opportunity to learn in the most effective way possible. We apply accelerated learning principles to the design and delivery of all training programs, hence learning/change is fast

Executive Coaching

Our life/work results in experiences. Some experiences are good, some are bearable and some are unpleasant, to say the least! Coaching provides you with the opportunity to get feedback from your experiences and help you identify and focus on what’s important, accelerating your success.

We offer Personal/Individual Executive Coaching as well as Executive Group Coaching.

Conflict Management

When the interests, needs, goals or values of involved parties interfere with one another then a mediator is engaged to assist in resolving issues and making commitments about how the parties intend to work together into the future. For details, please contact us below.

Mental Health

Mental Health Programs and Personal Change Interventions are available to individuals and groups. Challenges we address include Depression, Anxiety, Relationships, Anger/Violence, Sexual Abuse, Confidence/Assertiveness, Suicide Prevention, Weight Loss, Communication, Autism, Life Skills, Parenting.

Leadership Training

Our Leadership Training Programs are designed to give your executives the skills relevant to this day and age. This means adaptability and flexibility to move with the ever-changing current. If you want your team to discover and develop their innate leadership skills, then contact us for a complimentary Needs Assessment.


Change Programs that incorporate individual and group coaching interventions for teenagers between the ages of 14 to 18 (year 10, 11 & 12) The teens will develop important thinking and behavioral skills that will greatly support their self-awareness, improve their relationships with family and friends, encourage learning and self-acceptance. For these unique training programs, contact us today!

What Our Clients Say about Us!

Building a Relationship is our main Goal, that’s why our clients love us…

I have hired Evina as an Executive Coach and have been coached by her numerous times over the last few years. She has greatly helped me work on my business goals and management skills. It is definitely money worth spent. Evina is a top coach! I highly recommend her!
Chris L

Australia, Thiess

The course by mindXcel (taught by Evina) was incredibly overwhelming. Going with an open mind and leaving my usual analysis behind, I discovered the way my mind was processing information through my different senses. Great training; keep up the good work!
Claude C

M.D, Pop My Gallery, Malta