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We offer a variety of services to our clients including


Our Corporate Training Workshops are designed to give your staff the opportunity to learn in the most effective way possible.

We apply accelerated learning principles to the design and delivery of all programs, hence learning/change is fast.

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Our life/work results in experiences. Some experiences are good, some are bearable and some are unpleasant, to say the least! Coaching provides you with the opportunity to get feedback from your experiences and help you identify and focus on what's important, accelerating your success.

We offer Personal/Individual Executive Coaching as well as Executive Group Coaching.


Mental Health Programs and Personal Change Interventions are available to individuals and groups.

Challenges may include Depression, Anxiety, Relationships, Anger/Violence, Sexual Abuse, Confidence/Assertiveness, Suicide Prevention, Weight Loss, Communication, Autism, Life Skills, Parenting.


When the interests, needs, goals or values of involved parties interfere with one another then a mediator is engaged to assist in resolving issues and making commitments about how the parties intend to work together into the future.

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Our Leadership Skills Programs are designed to give your executives the skills relevant to this day and age. This means adaptability and flexibility to move with the ever-changing current. If you want to get to know yourself better, communicate with elegance, increase productivity and employee engagement, nurture future leaders, make better decisions, implement the most appropriate leadership style for your organization, then contact us for a  complimentary Training Needs Assessments.


Change Programs that incorporate individual and group coaching interventions for teenagers between the ages of 14 to 18 (year 10, 11 & 12) The teens will develop important thinking and behavioral skills that will greatly support their self-awareness, improve their relationships with family and friends, encourages learning and self-acceptance! 

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Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many; the intelligence of few perceives what has been carefully hidden in the recesses of the mind.


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