Group/Individual Coaching

Overcome Professional and Individual Challenges…fast!

Group Coaching involves a coach working with a number of people who often work in the same company or want to develop a particular area of their lives. If the group members work in the same company, they are usually at similar levels within the organisation and want to further develop their leadership ability, for example. Yet, it is not a prerequisite for delegates to know each other, as long as they are willing and ready to develop a particular skill and/or mindset.

We offer public group coaching from time to time, but if you want to make a difference to your team, then contact us for a complimentary group coaching assessment!

For more ‘personal and private’ challenges, consider an individual coaching session, which can vary from one session to a number of sessions; depending on the challenge.

Topics may include Depression/Anxiety, Relationships, Anger/Violence, Sexual Abuse, Confidence/Assertiveness, Suicide Prevention, Communication, and overall Personal Change!

Often, a single coaching group/individual session will facilitate results, however it is best to contact us to discuss your best opportunities for change.

It’s what you learn, after you know it all, that counts!