The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) provides eligible individuals the support needed to pursue their goals and aspirations, and participate in daily life. 

It focuses on helping people to be part of the community and ensures that people with a disability will receive the support they need over their lifetime.

We offer NDIS participants Mental Health Services for Teens and Adults, and our methodology is NLP.

NLP™ (Neuro Linguistic Programming) was born out of a simple yet profound question, “What makes the difference between someone who is competent at a skill and someone who is excellent?”

NLP™ involves the study of patterns that are created by the interaction of the brain, language and the physical body. In simple terms; NLP™ is about how the brain works and how language operates in the brain and how we can change behavior by changing language; verbal and non-verbal.

With that; ALL Soft Skills/Behavioral Interventions Find Their Basis In NLP, providing endless scope for change.

If you are Plan managed, NDIA managed or Self-managed, you will be able to use your funding for our services!

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