My training with Evina was a great experience. Her ability to create an active learning environment is admirable. The majority of the course time was spent on exercises that enhanced our experiences. Evina is highly patient and supportive.There were instances where I couldn’t conduct the exercises correctly from the first time. But with her assistance and guide, I was able to complete them successfully. All exercises were based on real-life scenarios. She encouraged us to discuss our observations and come up with our own conclusion. By the end of the course, I felt that I am ready to apply the recently learned NLP skills. I definitely recommend Evina for NLP training

Mohamad A, Adnoc


I recently attended the ‘Set Direction and Take Action’ workshop with Evina, and I can’t tell you the direct and highly positive effect it has had on my life and me personally. My mind is so much clearer now and my goals as well. I would never have believed that 2 short days could change my attitude about so many things and open my eyes to so much! I have a renewed vision for my life and I feel a much stronger sense of purpose than I ever have before! Since taking the workshop I have been able to really concentrate and focus on my goals and what I truly want from life. It’s been amazing for me and I can’t thank mindXcel and Evina enough for what they showed me and taught me. If you need direction and clarity I highly recommend that you take this workshop

Gregory, Chiropractor


Being one of the best insurance institutions in the region requires dealing with one of the best. We have hired Evina for a Training for our regional executives in March 2012 in Dubai. It was the first time that I meet with Evina to listen to what she had to say and see what she had to deliver. She has proven to us to be indeed, a charismatic, calm and professional woman first of all, and a great Trainer. The management and I were very satisfied with this effective training. I would recommend Evina anytime

Kev K

Saudi Arabia, ACE Insurance

I have hired Evina as an Executive Coach and have been coached by her numerous times over the last few years. She has greatly helped me work on my business goals and management skills. It is definitely money worth spent.

Christine L


The course by mindXcel (taught by Evina) was incredibly overwhelming. Going with an open mind and leaving my usual analysis behind, I discovered the way my mind was processing information through my different senses. Great training; keep up the good work!

Claude C

M.D, Pop My Gallery, Malta

I met Evina during the Training course that she gave in Malta. I found that during the short time of the course, that she had developed a very good rapport with all the students. Her knowledge of the subject is vast and was able to demonstrate it with ease

Paul McKenna


I know Evina for several years now, she has deep understanding of people’s capabilities and she masters the art of finding the right talent for the right job. Trainer and teacher, her training methodology comes with live experience, therefore provides you with great tools to reach out to higher levels in your professional and personal life

Jihad C

Johnson Controls, UAE.

Evina conducted a speech for our local community, addressing the need for education for our University Students. The topic was a great success. I am looking forward to the i-Xcel for Young Leaders Course, to be conducted in Idaho soon

Wade T

Idaho, USA

The Training Workshop was a very rich experienced for me. The mind is now bursting with new awareness, within and outside. For the next few weeks, focus will be to practice the methods and then prepare for the next level. Thank you, Evina for those sparkling training moments, and I can’t wait to participate in another Training soon

Satish K


I have read lots of NLP books and I used to wonder if I really knew what NLP is about. When I attended the Training with Evina, I uncovered the real treasures of this amazing technique that I started to practically use every time I speak with my wife, son, friends, and surely work colleagues. The effect is WOW and I feel great about it! I am not going to say that I became a real master of NLP because I know that I have to do some more practicing to make out of the usage of NLP a full part of my living

Jorj H

Training & Development Manager, Canada

I completed Evina’s Seminar ‘How to date and communicate’ with my husband in June, and want to thank you. At first, my husband was very skeptical as he is not a believer in the power of the mind and the possibility that relationships can change. He always says ‘If it doesn’t work by itself, then it’s not meant to be’. I was absolutely thrilled with the results he got from the course. I am thrilled anyway, but seeing the turn-around in my husband is just amazing. I think that we now have a good basis for making our relationship better. Thank you

Barbara & Steve


I am an SME and have had regular business coaching sessions with mindXcel for the last 3 months and the result has been phenomenal. I have improved my personal interior, have a schedule to work by and am clear about my goals. It’s what I needed, as I was losing business and didn’t know which way to turn. It’s been a very positive experience for me

G. M.

Business Owner

I am in the public eye, but always lacked confidence speaking to large audiences. I had private coaching sessions with mindXcel; to be exact; 2, and I don’t know what she did to me, but I had to be part of a large forum and I was as confident as anyone can be


Abu Dhabi

‘I joined the i-Xcel Program recently, and just loved it. This was definitely the best personal change experience I had. 2014 will be an interesting year for me

Dieter F

Financial Controller, Australia

Evina is a very experienced and professional NLP trainer. I learned a lot when having a seminar or during several discussions. She gave me a great benefit for business and private life. I wish her a great success. Best regards

Regina M

Real Estate Agent, Austria

I oversee a group of companies and Evina is very good Coach I find. She changed me and our organization. Very good!


Confidential, Saudi Arabia