Habits are strong motivations and strategies for doing something.

Of course, habits are not a ‘bad’ thing; actually, they can be very useful. If you want to loose weight and you are getting into the habit of eating less, then the habit is a good thing, for example.

But what if the habit is affecting you in a negative way?

Just like any behavior, habits consist of processes that lead to an outcome. There is always something we want to achieve; some kind of a feeling we aim for.

For us to ‘do a habit’ there will be a stimulus; something that will start the process of ‘doing the habit’.

If we are in the habit of snacking in-between meals, for example, it could be the mere sight of food that will trigger the habit. Maybe it is a particular kind of food?

When we want to change a habit, we will need to  re-direct the brain somewhere else and replace the ‘old’ habit with the new one. The association with the new habit will need to be just as, if not more powerful than the association we had with the old one.

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