Customer Service

Customer Service Training

Do you want to:

  • Personally connect with your customers through a genuine interaction?
  • Have a better understanding of how your actions, attitude, verbal - and body language effect your customer's experience?
  • Achieve better results and have more job satisfaction?
  • Know how to handle 'difficult' customers?
  • Do you want to WOW your customers?


Steps To Impress!


Customer service is super important to an organization, and it is usually the only contact a customer has with a company, and without customers there is no organization!

Providing great customer service is an art and some people enjoy 'serving' others more so than others.
Still, as with any art or skill, it is a good idea to learn and acquire the tools and practice in order to impress, even more!

STEPS TO IMPRESS Customer Service training is a program that focuses on particular customer service steps for you to have in mind, so that you will never miss an opportunity to create a lasting experience for your customer!

Through ongoing customer service training, you will master advanced skills of service delivery that far exceed expectations, and you will gain interpersonal and service skills that will benefit you on many levels.


With fierce competition in the region, excellent customer service requires more than a smile today!

Your tutor, Evina, is the owner of mindXcel; a licensed NLP Trainer/Coach with a background in aviation, sales management, call center consulting and entrepreneurship.
She spends her time between the Netherlands, Germany, Australia and the Gulf.

Get ready to Xcel!

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