Sales Training

Fed up with sales training that doesn’t add to the bottom line?

Sales courses can be a waste of money, as approximately 50 percent of the learning content is forgotten within 5 weeks, much less applied to the sales process. On average, 84% of sales training content is lost after 90 days. Doesn’t sound good, does it!?

Consider training that will give you lasting results!

The sales process starts by building rapport, then continues by uncovering customer needs and solving problems from a buyer’s point of view. At each step of the process, we need to communicate our ability to bring value to buyers.

Salespeople also need to create value for themselves, including managing time effectively, prioritising and creating a compelling personal vision.

When you think of a natural salesperson, you probably imagine a smooth talker, quick to answer your questions before you even have them. And within a few minutes, you’re completely sold on a product you’ll never use.

But the very best salespeople aren’t always the slickest talkers — they’re actually good communicators. Instead of ignoring the client and trying to stay one step ahead, an effective salesperson elicits and calibrates.

Being one of the best Insurance Institutions in the region requires dealing with one of the best. We have hired mindXcel for Sales Training for our regional Saudi Executives. It was the first time that I met with Evina to listen to what she had to say and see what she had to deliver. She has proven to us to be indeed, a charismatic, calm and professional Woman first of all and a great Trainer. The Management and I were very satisfied from this effective Training. I would recommend Evina and mindXcel anytime!

Kev Keshishian

Saudi Arabia, ACE Insurance